A new flavour of chip

Watch out Lays, Doritos, even Ms. Vickies. You have some new competition since Humpty Dumpty’s wasn’t considered the redheaded stepchild of the chip family. Yep, I think I’ve come up with a new flavour of chip that could quite possibly make me a millionaire.

Salted butter…

I’m sure that it’s going to sound disgusting to you at first, but you shouldn’t knock it until you’ve tried it. I’m sure ketchup and salt and vinegar didn’t sound too appetizing at first either. Here are a couple of reasons why I think that my salted butter chip idea will be a commercial success.

1)   Let’s think small for now. Take popcorn for example. You’re at the movies on a date and you want to impress your girl by giving her full VIP access to the snack shack. She gets the extra large popcorn and the extra butter. It’s expensive, but she’s worth it and besides, who doesn’t love some extra butter on the popcorn? You can always wipe the excess off your fingers on the comfy theatre seats, without missing a scene of the movie.

You grab the food; she takes your hand and leads you over to the popcorn-seasoning stand. Nice, well at least this is free. So many choices to choose from, all of which look familiar. These are all chip flavours.

So I’ll get to the point of this pointless story. If popcorn taste good with chip flavouring, why wouldn’t chips taste good with butter?

Still not convinced?

2)   Chips are merely potatoes and there are so many ways to cook them. Some easy potato favourites are mashed and baked. Now what ingredient do we add to this root vegetable when prepared these ways? That’s right, butter! Butter enhances the flavour of the plain potato along with some other condiments.

So there you go, if it’s fine one way, why not the other? There is a lot of butter fans out there that I’m sure will be curious to try out my chip.

Perhaps this idea won’t sell because it sounds like we’re handing out cholesterol in a bag. Then again, we live in a society who invents and mass produces foods like the KFC “Double Down” and take pride in who can eat the most amount of Hot Dogs. (Go Takeru Kobayashi)

So as long as us humans strive, we’ll continue to kill ourselves by giving in to the pressure of the non-healthy food world. Therefore, I’ll patent my idea for the salted butter chip.

That is of course, if you haven’t read this and stole the idea already…

Aw crap.

– Derek Heraldo

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