Travis talks with The Compound

Georgetown band The Compound has recently released their second album entitled “It Is What It Is” along with their latest YouTube video for the song “Something Like That”.

Haven’t heard of The Compound? They’re a genre defying power trio, influenced by bands like The Beatles, Rush and Edwin. From folk to metal, there’s no sound they can’t incorporate.

Their newest video features the band playing in what appears to be a park, soaked in a crisp fall morning. As the guys play, a young couple (the male role played masterfully by guitarist Simon Talevski) takes a reminiscent, romantic stroll through the woods.

“We wanted to keep it fairly simple and to have a straight forward message.” Said Simon “It’s all about relationships or rather, the story behind a relationship. A little of it is based off personal experience of course, but we did take a few artistic liberties.”

“ ‘Something like that’ seemed to be the song that people liked most off the new album.” The guys all agreed “It’s not like we’re trying to sell out or anything like that, but it made sense to satisfy the fan base.”

It’s not as easy as it sounds though. Contrary to advertisements, you can’t just shoot a music video on your cell phone.

“In terms of production, it was defiantly a matter of finding the right person for the job.” Said Simon “Stacey, the band’s manager, who got in touch with James of VDW Media and after seeing some of his work we knew we wanted to work with him.”

“The video was shot in Ancaster over 6 hours with a nice 7am shoot time. Said bassist Tommy, “rain held up the production for a little while, but we got lucky later on in the morning. If you look close enough in the video, you can still see a few rain drops on some of the gear.”

“Getting to this point has been a while though,” commented Simon, “we have two albums out now and we were really looking to grow the fan base beyond what we already have. YouTube is such a great way to promote ourselves so it seemed like the appropriate next step.”

Simon also elaborated on the new album; “there’s defiantly a lot more variety. We didn’t want to restrict ourselves in terms of what we could write. The rhythm sections, for instance, went through some big changes”

The percussion section has changed quite a bit to,” said drummer Kevin, “with the addition of new pieces like tambourines; it really gave more freedom to experiment.” He added, “the words ‘that doesn’t fit the band’ were never spoken.”

“Recording with Greg Dawson made a huge difference also,” said Simon, “his influence really helped some of the songs change for the better. The overall goal was to just not have anyone skip a track.”

The guys are currently trying to “open for Justin Bieber” but if that doesn’t work out, then they plan to continue making great tunes and great videos.

You can check out The Compound at to stay tuned for new music, videos and show dates.

-Chris D’Alessendro


    • great simple song and stick to you just like some thing like that
    • December 30th, 2010

    great video graet song good lyrics just like your brother

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