Poor Sports.

I didn’t watch the Canada-Russia Juniors game, it’s unCanadian of me, but I was watching Homeward Bound.  Michael J. Fox is Canadian, I feel that makes up for it.

I may have caught the tail end of the game on Boxing Day when we spanked whoever it was we spanked.  We spanked hard and relentlessly.  When I team explodes out of the gate and then gets destroyed like in that game, I think they’ve fallen victim to pride.  They got cocky and they loosened up and let a team they were punishing do the real punishing.  It’s hard not too relax when you’re way ahead though.  Especially when the other team realizes they don’t want to go out with 3-0 on the board.  We got bested.

There’s this news report circulating on a Hamilton news site and possibly on The Star as well.  It says the Russians got kicked off their flight for being drunk and rowdy and threat to the safety of the other passengers.  But those are the only two articles I’ve seen about it.  In my opinion it sounds like a sham.  I’m sure the Russkies party hard, and maybe they were a little overzealous in their celebrations, but first of all it’s not our business.  And second, it just makes us sound jealous and trying to tarnish a solid win.

If Canada won, what do you think the Canadian Junior’s team would be doing right now?  Probably getting drunk and getting laid.  That’s just how it works.  There’s a time to get rowdy and celebrate, and that’s a pretty big thing to celebrate.

Let’s not be poor sports.  They beat us.  It sucks but we beat a lot of people.  A lot of teams didn’t even make it to the playoffs.  We came close, we had it in our grasp and we lost.  Let that be a lesson that we are close to equals with the Russian team.

Not that I’m on my high horse or anything, but sometimes when you’re beat, you’re beat and that’s that.


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