The Mark Inside Seat to Perform at The Red Rooster, January 20th

By Matt Main

Burlington will welcome Toronto’s The Mark Inside on January 20th to The Red Rooster. This will be the sixth show of their first tour to start the new year.

The Mark Inside’s musical career went into full swing after the release of their first album, Static/Crash. Due to critical acclaim following the 2006 release, the band landed a spot touring across Canada. The success also landed them two singles, “Carousel” and “Sweet Little Sister”, which gained plenty TV and radio airplay throughout Canada. The Mark Inside also got to make a cameo in the Ken Finkleman mini-series At The Hotel.

Producer Jim Abbiss who’s worked with The Arctic Monkeys and Kasabian, signed The Mark Inside to his record label Metalbox Recordings. This gave them the chance to travel to the United Kingdom where they began writing their new album.

“Jim captured the essence of The Mark Inside, working with us to interpret what became the best recorded representation of the band and our songs”, said Chris Levoir, lead singer of The Mark Inside.

A few months ago, The Mark Inside released their Canada only EP, False Flag, digitally and on vinyl. The same week of the album drop, their first single, “Can’t Take Her With You (When It’s Over)” was released on Canadian radio stations. The full-length album will be out in North America and the United Kingdom sometime during this spring.

“We love to play, and it is our bare-bones live sets have made the band bleed, pour sweat, and blister hands and vocal cords”, said Levoir in a letter to The Mark Inside’s fans. “Cops have shut down our shows on more than one occasion and there have even been instances of public nudity and property damage”.

From the buzz going around, this band is known for putting on quite the concert. Dose Magazine described their live shows as ‘ballsy rock rave up. Kinda like a balls-out bar-room jamboree at the roadhouse at the end of the universe!!’ Basically, The Mark Inside is a band not to be missed when they come to town.


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