Architect’s New Album The Here and Now To Be Released January 25th

By Curtis Sindrey

On January 25, 2011, the UK’s ARCHITECTS will unleash their most ambitious album of their career, The Here and Now. It’s not an angry album, nor is it a negative one – it’s an album that’s steeped in positivity. “I can’t think of anything I’m more proud of in my life,” smiles frontman Sam Carter. “It feels like the whole time we have been a band we have been working towards something, and this is it.”

Downtrodden from a punishing schedule, ARCHITECTS found themselves collectively questioning their existence; tired and burnt out from a hectic American tour. “We were fed up and it felt like everything was getting to us,” reflects Sam. “We were fed up of being in a band, fed up of being away from home, and then one day we were all sitting around and it clicked and we were like ‘shit, we’re really, really lucky to be doing what we are doing, we are living our dreams and we should be having the most fun ever! Tom was like ‘we need to live in the here and now, and enjoy every day we have’,” continues the front man.

“And his comment made sense to all of us. We realized we should grow up and stop moaning about what we haven’t got and enjoy what we do have. We forgot the fun side of everything we were doing as a band – we were in America, five mates together having a massive laugh and doing what we love.”

A flurry of activity ensued with songs being demoed on laptops, rehearsed during sound checks and a newfound positive attitude culminated in the creation of The Here And Now.

The album also features guest appearances from two of rock’s finest front men: Andrew Neufeld from Comeback Kid provides a hardening example of hardcore purity on “Stay Young Forever,” while The Dillinger Escape Plan’s Greg Puciato’s piercing attack adds a sting to the powerful closer “Year In Year Out”.

Architects’ newest album will be in stores January 24th 2011.

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