The Sartorialist is a major influence on me right now.  It doesn’t matter “who” you’re wearing, if it looks good, it looks good and that’s what matters.  In the long run looking good is just a fleeting thing, beauty fades, but style in my opinion doesn’t.

Style is about confidence.

In the new Travis blog feature, Sheridan Fashion, I’ve deliberately left out the details of the outfit.  I urge you, if you’re interested in fashion, not to equate looking good with spending money.  I personally believe that people with real style take the most absurd shit and wear it confidently.  They can take something that’s a joke on the rack and wear it like it’s the coolest outfit ever.  That’s what true style is.

If you can wear track pants and a t-shirt like it’s a three-piece suit, then damn it, your’e stylish.

Style isn’t about emulating what’s cool.  It’s about already knowing you’re cool and getting from point A to point B without being naked.  My advice, if you feel like you’re style isn’t making the cut, is to strip down your wardrobe to the bare essentials.  Take it all apart and wear jeans, a t-shirt and a sweater if necessary.  Pick everything based on how comfortable it is and how it makes you feel.

Think about when you buy a shirt you really like, often you’ll wear it in favour of other ones, but six months down the road you probably won’t feel as special in the shirt.  That’s just corporate brainwashing, if the shirt is cared for it’s just as good as when you bought it.

I wear the same jeans and a v-neck I bought in a five-pack from Wal-Mart every day.  I dress it up with thrift store cardigans, and some shoes that I think are cool.  I’m generally pretty happy with my appearance, and I’ve done it without thinking too much about anything and spending even less.

Not that I think of myself as a fashion role model, the people around me that I think are cool tend to dress stylishly from within.  As cheesy as that sounds, it’s their confidence that makes them sexy, not what they’re wearing.

– Bryan Myers

  1. January 26th, 2011

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