Back in Stirling

“I don’t know. I’m from the countryside.”

This is my only excuse towards everything urban related. I’ve used those words at least 100 times but it’s true, I’m from the countryside. The town I come from is Stirling, which if Google Mapped, would show up blurry. It’s probably the only town without a Tim Hortons and also a home that still uses dial-up.

In a way, Stirling can be called the Louisiana of Canada. It has that feeling of a southern American town where people really love their trucks, beer and guns. It’s so small, the whole town only has one stoplight intersection, no public transportation and about 85% of the population lives on a farm. I love how my journalism teacher Kathy Muldoon referred to the Square One Shopping Centre as being “bigger than wherever the hell you’re from.” The sad part is, it’s probably is true.

Before moving to Oakville, I had no clue what a GO train was or even how much a bus cost. Originally, the people I met here didn’t know I was from such a small town three hours to the east. I guess I came off as being a Torontonian when I’ve really only been to Toronto four times.

Usually, people ask why I moved here in the first place when I could have gone to a college forty minutes away. The reason is because I’m not the country type; I’m more of a big city person. I also disliked the lack of multiculturalism and grew sick of looking at kilometres of hay and cornfields.

Although I have moved to somewhere more populated, I still have some of that country in me. I still have quite the collection of lumberjack plaid, a keenness for Johnny Cash and a different way of saying certain words. Of course there are some things that I do miss about living back home but so much has happened here, I don’t think I can be homesick. I’ve met new friends, interviewed some interesting people and even got myself a girlfriend along the way. At least saying I’m from the countryside is a great excuse when you act like a total ass in downtown Toronto.

– Matt

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