Oscar Nom-Nom-Nominations

This month is a big one.  First, the Steelers will take on the Packers at the Superbowl.  Followed by Valentine’s Day.  And shortly after that, the Academy awards.

This year, the award ceremony will occur February 27th at the Kodak Theatre in Hollywood.

The King’s Speech comes in at the top of the nomination ladder with twelve nods.

This might be the year of the rabbit in Chinese culture, but it is certainly the year of The Social Network in the film industry, at least, with eight Oscar nominations, including, Best Picture, Best Actor (Jesse Eisenberg) and Best Director (David Fincher).

Fincher was nominated for his first Best Director Oscar for Seven (1995). It wasn’t until his 2008 film The Curious Case of Benjamin Button that he was again nominated for the greatest achievement in direction.  This time he didn’t even have Brad Pitt to gussy up the silver screen.

This is Eisenberg’s first nomination ever at the Academy Awards. With his performances in The Hunting Party (2007), and Zombieland (2009), it was only a matter of time until he gained a nomination.

This years heavy-hitters: 127 Hours, Black Swan, The Fighter, Inception and The King’s Speech all have multiple nominations.  It’s a year where actors and directors alike have all aimed to outdo themselves and their peers, and as an audience we can only sit back and enjoy our overpriced popcorn. (Did you know they feeds cows cheap corn to fatten them up before the slaughter?  There’s gotta be some parallel to why the film industry loves selling us cheap corn.)

While piracy continues to be on the increase, and DVD revenue is in decline, chains like Blockbuster, HMV continue to flounder.  (But maybe it’s the price you pay for whoring out the film industry.  A film at mark up sells for about 15-20 dollars, if it’s rented 2-3 times it’s already paid itself off, and then it’s sold at a “used” price ranging from 10-15 dollars, and even with the cost of the work, the actors/directors/producers make multi-millions.  One less ivory back scratcher – Ed. Note) Companies like Netflix however, are starting to pick up the slack.

– Curtis Sindrey

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