Rez Morning Routines

My mornings have drastically changed since the start of the school year. They’re more interesting and just as confusing as why cats chase laser pointer beams.

The first month, I always wanted to be on time for class. Coming from high school where you have to be on time, I thought if I was late once, it was all over. Nowadays, I like to take my time and be a bit late for class. The cool thing is all my teachers don’t have a problem with me showing up a few minutes past the hour. Where am I when I should be in class? I’m in line at Tim Hortons or enjoying my shower too damn much to rush. This doesn’t mean I don’t care; I definitely do give a shit about my schooling since it burned a hole in my wallet. There are just some days where I like to take it slow.

Since I’m a hard person to wake up in the morning, I have an iPod docking station with an app set to get me up an hour before class starts. Five late classes and one missed class later, I’ve learnt The Asteroids Galaxy Tour and Bob Marley aren’t the best artists for “wake up” music. Lately, the old iTouch blares “Baby, One More Notch!” by Blind Witness. Nothing says good morning like a 20-something-year-old French-Canadian yelling “Tabernak” at me.

Aside from pounding caffeine into me to get me energized for the day, I’ve tried and failed with different techniques. Exercise didn’t mix with an early morning wake up and yoga told me I couldn’t balance. Even if I added them to my daily routine, I don’t think I’d be any more ready for the day.

One time, I woke up thirsty and being the kind of person that hates tap and bottled water, I broke out the Brita filter. Being half asleep, I wasn’t exactly all there. Next thing I knew, I was back in my bed with the sheets all over the floor and some wetness on my Ghostbusters t-shirt. Apparently, while I was in zombie mode, I turned the shower on, put some clothes next to the sink and plugged in my Nintendo 64. I still don’t know how I accomplished that but I was pretty proud I could do more half asleep than fully awake.

Overall, my routine is pretty basic. Wake up, check emails, shower, bathroom stuff, eat, head to Tim Hortons then to class. I don’t know how I got through high school on four hours of sleep without a large double double. Since I live in Rez, I can easily go back to my room during one of my four-hour breaks after an early morning class. However, when noon rolls around and the caffeine kicks in, I can’t bother dragging myself back to my room for a mid-day nap. Living right beside the school also pisses my friends from Mississauga and Burlington off when I tell them how hard it was to get to class. Can’t wait to see what mornings are like when I start on the Sheridan Sun.

– Matt Main

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