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The Finale of Two and a Half Men

I don’t think it could end any more perfect than this:

It’s culturally relevant, it’s fairly accurate, and it resolves perfectly because Rules of Engagement is on next.

– Bryan


World Champion Hide and Seek

These guys don’t even have iPods!

But in reality it’s pretty amazing. How many other undiscovered tribes are there left in the world? Living in the jungle seems pretty taxing, and these guys look pretty healthy.

The video says at the end that contact is risky as things like the common cold could decimate their immune systems. Things like Justin Bieber and Twitter could decimate their lines of communication as well. If you had never heard of the internet how would you feel finding all the things on it?

I think I’d much enjoy hunting things with sticks and singing hymns in a loincloth to having to get up at 7 to take the train into the city.

I wonder, do they ever have trouble sleeping at night? Do they have cravings? What do they do for fun? Are there fashion trends?


The Daily: The First E-Newspaper Launches

Today marks the launch if the first iPad-only newspaper and it’s the brainchild of media mogul Rupert Murdoch (who created FOX). “New times demand new journalism,” Murdoch said. “The iPad demands that we completely re-imagine our craft.”

At a cost of $0.99 per week and $40 annually, The Daily, as it’s called, is now available at Apple’s App Store. It combines video, text and interactive photography for a unique news-reading experience. The “e-paper” will offer 100 pages of content daily and users will be encouraged to share links to individual articles with non-subscribers. The modest 100-person staff is stacked with veteran journalist from Forbes, Time Magazine, The New York Times and The Atlantic, just to name a few.

But none from Travis… yet.

– Curtis Sindrey

Williams’ People Watching Safari

I am sitting in Williams’ and I know why writers find a coffee shop to write in.  I am taking notes on everyone in here.  Every time I come there’s a hilarious amount of stuff happening.

There’s a break up going on in the table near the counter.  Or maybe it’s a post break up.  I can’t see too well, but there’s sad faces and I think I saw some tears.  Ohh, here comes a grimace.  It’s fascinating.  I feel like public places in general are a bad place to break up unless you are certain physical harm will ensue.

Last time I was here, I overheard a two hour best-friend therapy session about an impending divorce.  There were tears at that one for sure.

In the booth against the wall, a woman is crying into her cell-phone.  When I came in she was asking extensive questions about everything on the menu.  Seriously, stood in line for twenty minutes.  And then asked to see the manager for confirmation.  When she finally ordered, she didn’t have any money.  And now, as I said, she is sitting in the corner crying into her cell phone.

Then there was a larger woman drinking what appeared to be two hot chocolates with whipped cream.  I overthought that maybe she was getting stood up but her friend arrived just now and that seems a little less crazy.  Although I think she may have eaten the whipped cream off both drinks.  I am dead serious about that.

That’s my report.  It all happened.  Now crying woman is smiling and stroking her hair as if she’s comforting herself.  And the music is really really retro 80’s.

Uh oh, she just buried her face in her hands.  There’s a lot of hand holding going on now at the other tables, it’s pretty weird.

There’s Glenn Frey’s “The Heat is On” playing and I know it’s from a movie I think but all I can think about is Steven Brule singing to himself in the mirror.

I’ll let you know if anything else happens,



Happy Belated Guy Fawkes Day!

By Risaal Baksh

All I wanna say is happy Guy Fawkes Day! Yes we are late, very late, but follow along.

For those who don’t know about Guy Fawkes Day, it’s about anarchy, Marxist, and socialism.The man of the day – Guy Fawkes was the key role in the Gun Powder Plot of 1605.

The whole V for Vendetta movie was made in the honour of Guy Fawkes if that clear it up for you. It’s celebrated in Britain with a parade and a huge fire usually at night.

It’s actually pretty cool stuff, there’s also a lot of sites that bring the pride and joy of the parade straight to your computer. I hope more people celebrate Guy Fawkes Day, but without the plotting to destroy buildings. But still it’s pretty great when you know the whole story. That’s all from me.



The Limewire Party is Over…

But it’s not going to do a damn bit of good to anyone who actually works in the music business.  Sure illegal downloading comes to a halt, does that mean I’ll go to HMV for CDs of bands I’d like to check out?  Hell no.  Why would I do that?

This pisses me off about the film industry.  Illegal downloading doesn’t really hurt anyone as much as it hurts the CEOs.  Shia LeBoeuf is still making more money than he can spend from Transformers 2.  Seriously, he made how many millions?  And who is getting hurt if I download it and watch it once? Shia and CEOs, the screwing out of money happened before I even heard of the crap-masterpiece.

You know what should be illegal? Selling used CDs/DVDs/video games.  That’s what really hurts the industry because the money does not go back to the artists or the workers it goes back to Rogers or Blockbuster (where it is bought wholesale, rented at about half the price of buying it, and then sold at a markup, a DVD pressing can cost almost nothing) and that just seems to be great.  But when big business isn’t cashing in on us they’re complaining that their losing us.  I still go to the movies, I still go to shows (which arguably ends up in the artists hands), and I still do buy books.

I get that some actors say their star power drives a movie, but it’s a team effort.  Without a camera, a movie is going to suck, without sound effects or sound in general, are you really going to pay 15 bucks to see it?

Big business needs to embrace the new world.  We’re stuck in these antiquated business models.  We don’t think like that anymore, spending is different and it’s a tappable market if you’re willing to sacrifice and make change.  Whatever happened to the saying you have to spend money to make money?  Maybe if businesses started fronting better music and not droning out shitty pop music we’d have a music industry still.  Taking chances is the only way to get noticed and we’re failing at that.  How many sequels to movies have come out in the past decade?  Too many.

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Live Reading of Justin Bieber’s New Book

This is hilarious.  When Gordon Pinsent reads it you really get how emotionally touching his story really is.