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You Can’t Make A Viral Video: The Jennifer Aniston Sex Tape

You can’t make one.  It’s like trying to be ‘cool’, if you try, you just aren’t.  Viral videos go viral because they’re genuine, funny (often unintentionally), and they’re not thinly veiled advertisements.

However, ad agencies everywhere seem to fleece corporations out of millions if not billions of dollars each year producing ‘viral videos’, which in the long run are just three-minute commercials that cheapen the celebrities that appear in them and contribute to the growing amount of post-viral garbage that collects on Youtube.

Smartwater released this tired attempt:

Ultimately it takes a bunch of has-been viral video stars and whores them out for overpriced luxury water.  Which isn’t particularly viral when you think about it.

Personally, the only funny part is when they all agree to call the video the Jennifer Aniston Sex Tape, because I’m sure if they did it would have worked.  See, that’s viral video thinking right there.  Pique people’s interest and then give them the ol’ switcheroo.  It’s like getting Rick-Rolled, but instead of getting a good laugh that you fell for it, you just feel empty and kind of dirty.

A viral video is born, not made.  And if you read this because it said “Jennifer Aniston Sex Tape” shame on you for falling for it. Here’s something for you regardless.

– Bryan



So I was watching Ray William Johnson, as every good media-related person should, and it talked about this video.

My experience with the game, linked here… was not so different.  I routinely ignored my calf muscles and aimed just to drag my knees along the ground in hopes of getting as far as say 3-4 meters.  In the end this game is pretty addictive, but I agree with the youtuber’s choice of language.

If only the Olympics were this hard…



The Marshmallow Test

Here watch this.

You might find this funny, but the sad part is that it speaks volumes about the human condition. We would all rather induldge ourselves now then plan for the future. Screw waiting, I want my marshmellow now!”

Chris D’alessandro

Never Say No to Panda

I heard about this video somewhere, and as with all virals it usually takes me a little while to really get around to watching it.  Luckily, it came up in my GoogleReader and I should have listened.  It’s really funny.  Stick it out to the end, it just gets better.



That Three Second Mouse Vide

That is all.

The Cory Sarich Own Goal

Talk about embarrassing!


Uh… what?

This is…. interesting.

My cat’s hallowe’en costume just got a lot more epic.