New Issue in the Works

After recently releasing the frosh issue with Mr. Sam Roberts and Co., TRAVIS is in the works of writing and designing its fall issue, or more aptly titled, the anti-Halloween issue. Like usual, the upcoming edition is going to be visually-stellar with nothing but complementary, in-depth articles on a tidal wave of issues — some that are brand-spankin’ new to TRAVIS. We like to try new toys, but not those little motorcycle bikes that will leave you with scraped knees if you lean into a turn. Who thought those were cool? Really now.

More (exciting?) news is that the TRAVIS writers will be gaining access to update the blog and keep this thing a-rollin’ like Fred Durst in a bad music video. Actually, where’s he at? Haven’t heard of him since he was the only clad one in Method of Mayhem’s “Get Naked.”

ANYWAY, moving on. We are working hard and hope you’re fulfilled with the recent dose of TRAVIS.

If you can read this, thank a teacher.” –retired, unappreciated teacher


TRAVIS Ventures onto the Interweb

Oi! We’re online and running throughout the wilderness of the Internet. Machete-toting liberals sweeping through the tangled vines of the online jungle, TRAVIS is outpouring its message of flavourable information on the worldwide scale. It’s kinda amazing that as soon as you “launch” online now, you (obviously) go international. Well, here we are and we’re set on you visiting us constantly to see our online diatribes in relation to student life, general interests (ponies and Fall Out Boy) along with world issues — but not necessarily in that order.

We look forward to dishing you the dish which is served with white wine and topped off with tasty TRAVIS Boulée.