Sheridan Fashion… Samone – Illustration

– Steph Martyniuk


Never Say No to Bruno

Go Bruins!


Sheridan Fashion… Miko – Illustration

– Steph Martyniuk

What’s Cooler Than Being Cool (Ice Cold)

What is “cool”?

Of course I know it’s a step below cold but that’s not what I’m talking about. The reason I ask this is when Bryan asked Matt Barnes if he was cool in the photography issue of Travis, it made me think what my answer would be if I was asked the same thing. Does having a fancy haircut or a date this weekend automatically make someone cool? If that’s the case, I’m not too cool right now.

Growing up, I was taught by numerous rude school kids that being cool involved using swear words and making fun of other kids that were labeled as “uncool”. When all the fads of the 90s rolled along, having the best trading card or a new video game automatically crowned you the ‘king of cool’. Kids probably still think this way when in actuality, just being yourself is the best way to be cool.

Whenever I hear the word cool, I think of James Dean in Rebel Without A Cause. A man that’s smooth and says, “Hey danger, let’s dance” with his eyes. There’s a certain vibe that he gives off when you see him intensely driving a car at full speed towards a cliff that makes you mutter, “damn, he’s cool” Same goes for most of the guys back then such as Johnny Cash, Steve McQueen and Elvis.

Everyone has his or her own opinions on what’s cool and what’s not. According to Alexa Buendi-Pereira, Justin Bieber is cool while Josh Smith thinks it’s spaced ears and cardigans. A few will say it’s all about how you act, what you say, what you wear or what you like. At the end of the day, what’s really cool is doing something you enjoy that puts a smile on your face.

What does “cool” mean to you Travis readers?

-Matt Main

Sheridan Fashion… Mich – General Arts

– Steph Martyniuk

A Superbowl Fact Sheet

The Super bowl is one of the most watched sporting events in the world with an average of 90 million viewers. The 45th edition features the Pittsburgh Steelers and the Green Bay Packers. The game will be held at the newly built Cowboys Stadium in
Arlington, Texas.

The game marks the eighth appearance of the Steelers and the fifth of the Packers. The Steelers hold the record for most Super Bowl wins at six.

The Steelers made it to the Super Bowl by defeating both the Baltimore Ravens and the New York Jets. The Packers beat the Philadelphia Eagles, Atlanta Falcons and the Chicago Bears to advance.

The 110,000 capacity stadium is the largest domed stadium in the world. This marks the third time the Super Bowl has been held in Texas with the city of Houston hosting both Super Bowl VIII and XXXVIII.

This year, one 30-second commercial during the Super Bowl will cost $3 million, compared to last year’s cost of $2.5 million.

Complaints about the non-availability of the U.S. Super Bowl ads are common in Canada since, even though American network affiliates are widely available via cable and satellite television, the U.S. ads are still “blacked out” in most areas in favor of domestic commercials.

Some U.S.-based advertisers like PepsiCo and Anheuser-Busch (via its Canadian licensee Labatt), do buy ad time during the CTV broadcast to air at some of their American commercials, while some companies produce new ads specifically for the Canadian audience. However, many Canadian advertisers simply re-air ads from their regular rotation, or air the same ad multiple times over the course of the game, neither of which is typical during the U.S. network broadcast.

Enjoy the game!

– Curtis Sindrey

How To Survive The Superbowl

There is one thing that my parents and I will never agree on, and that something is the importance of the Super Bowl.
On the eve of the biggest night in football of the year, I used to fall asleep on the couch, only to be awoken by the victorious cheers or yells of crushing defeat as my parents tried to spur their team to victory through the TV screen. For a long time, I never understood exactly WHY they were excited about what they were watching.
As an angry teenager I wrote it off as a night for jocks to get drunk and watch cheerleaders in illegally short skirts high kick their Neanderthal team into victory.
Now that I’m older (and arguably wiser) the hype and the sport are still out of the bounds of my interest. Away from home, apart from the odd Facebook update or tweet from a sports loving friend, I can step back and enjoy another Sunday evening in February with no problem whatsoever. However, if you do find yourself rubbing elbows with the jersey wearing, beer chugging crowd, there are ways to make the absolute best out of a night that celebrates hulking athleticism in shoulder pads and tights.
1. Enjoy the advertisements. Yes, our young generation is hyperaware and skeptical of the billions of dollars meant to sell us corporate garbage. The thing is, those billions of dollars can sometimes be put towards some hilarious and entertaining stuff. The infamous Old Spice “I’m On a Horse” was launched as a Superbowl advertisement.

2. Chow down. Superbowl parties always have great eats and lots of beer. Whether it’s chips and dip, hot wings, or chili, there is always hearty and totally delicious food to sample and savour. The spread of a thousand champions will be on the table before you, and all you have to do is pick up a plate, crack open a cold one and bask in the good (and most likely FREE) goodness.

3. Mingle. The chances that you’re going to be the only one at the party with zero interest in the sport itself are minimal. You’ll spot your kind sitting away from the TV, cell in one hand, beer in the other, casting glares at the jocks whenever they scream about bad calls or touchdowns. This person could be your new best friend. Talk with them, bust out a pack of cards and get into an epic game of crazy eights. Make the best of it, and you could make some new friends or catch up with old acquaintances.

Take it from a perpetual victim of the Superbowl party; you just have to make the best of it. If none of these seem like reasonable options to you, next year plan ahead to watch the Puppy Bowl with your friends.

– Riley Wignall