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Snoop Dogg has gone soft

What happened to Snoop Dogg…

Just like Ice Cube, he used to be a really hardcore gangster that was involved in all this crime and stuff, and then he started doing kids movies and rapping on tracks by pop stars. He even raps on a Justin Bieber track. If that’s not messed up, I don’t know what is.

I think too much about things. I’m noticed this in the new Katy Perry song, Snoop kinda is a hype man underneath Katy Perry, and you can hear him really faintly under everything. Puffy does it in a Biggie Smalls song that has a title I’m not going to say because it’s offensive.

Next time I hear people singing in public, I’m going to sidle up and then whisper-sing my own lines into the song, like a Lil’ Jon with the volume turned down half-way.



Fashion with a Purpose

Celebrities Join H&M to Fight AIDS

H&M teams up with Designers Against AIDS. Click to read.

H&M teams up with Designers Against AIDS. Click to read.


The big guns are coming out to show their support in the fight against the global pandemic of HIV/AIDS. You’ve got Katy Perry, N.E.R.D., Yoko Ono and Yelle all lending their frames and celebrity. And then you have H&M fashion. Together, the household names and designers are teaming up to donate 25 per cent of all sales to go towards HIV/AIDS awareness projects. And it doesn’t hurt that the designs are pretty solid with a fresh ‘80s feel.

In a world where 38 million are infected with the disease, 12 million are children. And even more troubling, an estimated 28 per cent are unaware of their positive HIV status. By fusing fashion with music is a means to get youth to stop and think about the issue. And then to put their support on display. This is the goal of the line, which is being pushed by the backbone of the series, Designers Against AIDS (DAA).

“H&M and Fashion Against AIDS are so important to us because we could never reach so many young people on our own,” says Ninette Murk, founder, Designers Against AIDS in a press release. “AIDS is still very much a subject that’s vitally important today. People build their attitude towards their sex lives when they’re very young, so it’s important for them to realize that safe sex is a vital part of that as early as possible.”

Click the image to read the print version.

Click the image to read the print version.

And the pure organic cotton shirts are using strong words to get the point across. “Life is too short. Have sex, be safe” reads one. Another reads: “Girls just wanna have safe sex.” Right to the point, naturally.

Many assume that the world is educated on HIV/AIDS, but the facts simply say otherwise. And as such, H&M wants to continue to educate the youth – in both the developed and developing world – to prevent the further spread of the fatal disease. Because, simply stated, complacency isn’t an option with HIV/AIDS.