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Grammy Fashion Do’s and Do Not Do’s

Ah the Grammys! Always night for some badass fashion. (Lenny Kravitz. Need I say more!?) Some celebs reallllly nailed it! My other top choices:

  1. Pop princess Selena Gomez who killed it in a gold J. Mendel. What a beautiful girl seriously, stunning.
  2. Ryan Seacrest’s babe Julianne Hough rocked a bold printed Malandrino number.
  3. Everyone should consider entering his or her next party in an egg. That’s all I’m going to say.
  4. J.Lo . Dang! Girl worked it in a long-sleeved silver Pucci. Those legs! A real woman right there.
  5. Jennifer Hudson in Versace. She’s looking soooo good lately. The dress, the hair, the shoes, the jewelry.  Amazing.

However… some just didn’t impress:

  1. Really Nicki Minaj? (Lady Gaga: ’09 ACE gala anyone?) Its been done. As much as I love Givenchy… just no.
  2. Although I’m quite the fanatic for shear clothing, I really didn’t enjoy Rihanna in John Paul Gautier. (but ask any male and they’d probably have a different opinion…)
  3. Miranda Lambert failed miserably. That dress. Ohhh that strapless dress did not fit her… at all.

Speaking of Miranda Lambert failures, that performance of  “house that built me” was just so boring. Snooze fest indeed.  My favourite performance on the other hand, even as short as it was, was John Mayer, Nora Jones, and Keith Urban’s take on “Jolene”. Ugh it gave me chills I loved it SO much! The Rihanna, Eminem, Skylar Grey, and Dr. Dre mashup was super good too, along with Mumford and sons who were amazing as always! Totally upset me though that they lost for best new artist to… wait what was her name again?

To sum the night up, the fashion (for the most part) was a hit and the performances impressed. But Seth Rogan totally stole the night for me. Ohhhh Miley.

– Steph Martyniuk