I can’t fight the feeling

Hey everyone!

I’ve been taking it easy all weekend, I guess yesterday I got a lot of posting done, but today has been slow. Here’s what is in store for the next week or so:

– Possible band interviews/show reviews, we have some good things in the works, I won’t say what or who but we’re in talks!
– TRAVIS will continue to be really awesome, lots of good music, pictures, stuff to think about.
– We’ll play it by ear!

It’s been a good day, I picked up a few old books, 1984, Bridge of the River Kwai, How to Win Friends and Influence People (not that anyone here needs it), and The Great Gatsby. Not exactly the newest trendiest books, but reading classics has been in ever since Reading Rainbow.

And here’s something to think about:

It’s rare to find a really good cover of a song on youtube. I’ve spent a lot of time watching covers (and shopping channel bloopers/prank calls) and I have to say there’s a clear trend. This girl is really good, her voice is smoky and she’s jazzed the tune up a bit and made it her own, plus she’s attractive and Canadian. Often there are terrible covers down by fairly attractive girls that just can’t sing. If you check the comments they’re littered with guys complimenting these off-key girls on their voices.

This is a major problem: honesty. We know she can’t sing, and by telling her she can it only encourages her not to get better. That’s why you should be really honest with people. Remember that show that had all those terrible singers on, and they kept lying to them and making them worse until the end. White lies are a dangerous business. I would much rather people tell me the truth and be hurt, than to be embarrassed down the road for thinking I was much more talented than I am.

Okay… in my search to find a bad cover with lots of lame comments I found this: Hey Ya Cover When I really try to find one, I can never decide if I’m just being overly snooty or if they actually aren’t singing well, but sometimes it’s really obvious.

Send me bad covers of songs!!!


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